Welcome to Kisling Consultants, LLC.

We are a small business consultant firm with local Utah roots but global experience serving a broad range of industries and specializing in three things:

  • business strategy development,
  • throughput improvement,
  • lead time reduction.

These three business aspects are critically important to any business – in any industry. Business strategy drives growth. Lead time reduction drives customer satisfaction. Productivity drives profits.

Lean Production directly affects throughput and lead time, and indirectly affects Quality and Ease of Management. The financial value of additional throughput is easy to determine, as is the value of the same capacity with fewer resources. The value of shorter lead time is in what it allows you to do. Faster contract performance leads to quicker payment and perhaps an increase in market share. If you refurbish or repair products like jet engines or locomotive traction motors you may reduce WIP inventory enough to free up a unit or two to generate additional income.

Take the opportunity to explore who we are, our approach, and our impact stories, then give us a call. We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you in any or all of these areas.

Scott Kisling
Owner and Principal Consultant
(O) 801-467-1287
(M) 801-209-3936

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